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Community Guidelines


Spendsy Limited is devoted to make Spendsy Wallet a safe and friendly place for users to promote their products and receive benefits. However, Spendsy cannot do this alone, this requires the whole app community to work together and be respectful to each other. This means users should avoid any hate speech and inappropriate contents, and should always comply with the law when performing any action while using Spendsy Wallet.

The following community guidelines are to help users to determine what you should and should not do while using Spendsy Wallet. If you have any further question, you can also check out our Terms and Condition, or contact our staff via the Contact Us page. Let’s build a better community together!

What is not allowed

It might be tempting to create controversial contents to gain popularity, but please be conscious that you do not offend other user and influence them to illegal activity. Spendsy will be constantly monitoring user’s activity, and we will filter and block any action that we believe will harm our community, and remove these users’ access from our platform.

The following guidelines are action that users are NOT allowed to publish in Spendsy Wallet:

  • Post hate speech and any offensive reference to gender, race, abuse, nation, religion etc.
  • Post photos that include or implicates torturing or killing of living creatures.
  • Post sexual and pornographic content.
  • Post false message, including false health information that could cause physical harm.
  • Post spamming and phishing contents.
  • Post illegal encouragement such as violence, stealing and harmful products etc.
  • Violate copyright infringement, i.e. without the original owner’s consent.
  • Impersonate another user.

What you should do

Spendsy encourages users to be mindful of their own actions and actively report any content that they find inappropriate with our ‘Report’ function or email We will investigate upon receiving the report and take action if we believe the content violates the community guideline.

The following guidelines are action that users should do while using Spendsy Wallet:

  • Provide precise and accurate personal information and content.
  • Only use content that are provided by Spendsy or are original, i.e. photos that are taken by the user themselves.
  • Encourage tagging the kid’s category if the content is appropriate for underage.
  • Read through, understand and agree to our community guideline, privacy policy and terms and condition before using Spendsy Wallet. As stated in terms and condition, users under the age of 18 should receive consent from a responsible adult before using our service.
  • Unfollow, block or hide contents that you do not like. We will receive these feedbacks and be able to reduce feeding these types of contents to your recommendation.
  • Be active in reporting offensive contents or contents that might be violating copyright infringement. Only authorised and trained staffs at Spendsy will have access to read the reports. We will not disclose who filed the report to users.

Thank you from the Spendsy Team.

Version 1.0 (Release Date: 13/07/2022)